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Welcome to the Galaxy Shadow Studio Wiki!

This wiki is about movies, TV series, companies, people, characters, music and more. It is dedicated to documenting fanon projects not related to JKKWorks Studio and its properties as well as the companies' animated projects.

This is a fanon wiki, meaning that almost all of its contents are fan-made, created purely from the imaginations of its users, so please don't get tricked into thinking these articles are real. We currently have 585 articles, 801 files and 12,099 edits as of July 19, 2024, and you can help.
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Lucas Ting Kwong Hee Lucas Ting Kwong Hee 30 September 2021



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East Studio East Studio 14 July 2021

who closed my Wiki Favicon Wiki

Whoever did this is in huge dead meet and who dare change the icon to a music note without me permi…

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Jeffersonkendric Jeffersonkendric 12 June 2021

Group:Chat 2

Chat 2 is created by Zynxre.


  1. No spam
  2. No Harassing
  3. No NSFW
  4. Respect others
  5. No changing group icon
  6. Must …
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Jeffersonkendric Jeffersonkendric 28 May 2021

Group:Community Chat

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  • 2 Used brands.
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1. No spam

2. No begging admin

3. No harassi…

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Seaweed (album)
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 Fugu and Unagi
Fugu and Unagi

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 Baller (Story)
 Creepy Elevator
 Mega Easy Parkour
 Survive Area 51
 Tsunami Survival